Powers of Attorney must be written in Thai on the authorized Land Office form.

All foreign names must be transliterated into Thai and can now be checked at the Land Office against any previous transliterations made on behalf of the applicants.

The Land Office will not accept any form with an error or discrepancy.

In all cases, the following information is required:

Copy passport including page with entry/visa stamp (signed with name written below signature in English)

Parents’ full names (whether alive or not.)

Current address (here or abroad)

Telephone number (here or abroad)

Type of property involved ie Condo, apartment, house or land

There are 3 different situations:

1          The applicant is in the country

2          The applicant is abroad

            In this case a Power of Attorney executed here remains valid for one month

            from the last date the applicant could have stayed in Thailand

3          The applicant has not been in Thailand for more than a month.

In this case, the Power of Attorney must be signed at the nearest Thai Consulate in the applicant’s home country and the applicant’s identity must be validated. Please note: the Consulate will not provide forms or advice!

We will explain all the relevant requirements and provide the relevant forms.

Service Cost: 1,500THB
for a Power of Attorney to be executed here or abroad


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  • whether alive or not
  • whether alive or not