Complete Your Deal With a "Peace of Mind" Service

This is our most used service. It is like having a lawyer in your office. We will work with you and undertake everything that needs doing to ensure that your deal completes and your commission is paid.

We can deal with the contract, the financial statements, tax and duty savings and attend the Land Office for you. Most Agents like to stay involved, but to what extent you stay involved is up to you. We never take over your role as a negotiator.

We answer any questions your client may have.

The benefit of being able to tell your client that you will provide an expert lawyer should not be underestimated; it is a powerful marketing tool in your hands.

It allows you to leverage your time and increase your profits. You need never leave the office. You can do what you do best – buy, sell and rent property and leave all the transfer business to us

We have guaranteed price of 9,950 Baht which covers everything involved, whatever may arise!


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