This is the “House Registration Book” It is known as the “Blue Book”

or the “Yellow Book” by reason of its colour. Thai nationals are issued one in Blue and

Foreign nationals are issued it in Yellow.

It is not evidence of ownership in any way. It is simply a register of those who

live in a particular home. Having such a book helps in identifying applicants with various government departments and other institutions. It is less risky than carrying a passport.

However, its real value is in saving SPECIFIC BUSINESS TAX on the sale of a property.

SPECIFIC BUSINESS TAX is charges on every sale at the rate of 3.3% of the Assessed Value or sale price, whichever is the higher. There are exemptions:

A seller is exempt if he has lived in the property for 12 months, provided he has a Tabien Baaan

showing him as living there. The tax is not applied after a 5 year period of ownership in any event.

So, if a sale within the 5 year period is a possibility – you will need a Tabien Baan.

Obtaining one is an administrative task and it is time consuming, involving various forms to be completed in Thai. It will need a personal visit to the local government office, where English is often not spoken.

It also needs a Thai witness to attend the final visit to the government office to vouch for the applicant.

We will take all necessary steps and provide the witness.

Service Cost: 5,500 THB

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