Estate Planning & Wills

Estate Planning: Proper estate planning provides peace of mind at a reasonable cost. If you have assets in Thailand, such as motor vehicles, real estate, bank accounts, jewelry, art, or other valuable collectibles, a legally valid and enforceable last will and testament is crucial to insure that your wishes for the disposition of your property are honored. Individuals who do not provide for a last will and testament cause unnecessary anguish and financial distress to their heirs and loved ones. In such cases, assets are often tied up in the courts for lengthy periods of time, and the probation of an estate without a last will and testament is costly and complex.

Our firm has years of experience in estate planning and in the drafting of last wills and testaments. If you wish, we can have your last will and testament registered with the government so that it will be readily available to your executor and heirs. If necessary, we can also serve as the executor of your estate. If you need to execute an initial last will and testament or to replace an existing last will and testament as a result of changes in your personal situation or wishes, please contact us.

Wills: Living Wills (or advance health care directives) are specifically provided for in the Thailand National Healthcare Act of 2007. This law permits individuals to clearly express their wishes with regard to the level of healthcare desired in the event they are unable to make these decisions as a result of accident or illness. It also permits individuals to appoint a healthcare proxy who is fully empowered to make medical decisions on their behalf if they are no longer able to make these decisions themselves. Our firm has many years of experience in the drafting of living wills and, thereby, providing clients with the peace of mind that their healthcare wishes will be fully carried out regardless of their ability to participate in the medical decision-making process.


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